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FinAssam comprises of over 40 modules covering all the essential aspects of a comprehensive Financial Management System. The key modules are as shown below.

Budget Planning & Preparation

Facilitates the systematic preparation of the budget at the root level and its submission and processing at the respective administrative departments.

Budget Allocation & Distribution

Facilitates the distribution of the approved budget at the beginning of the financial year, in order to provide spending authority to budgetary units in the amount allowed by the budget.


Facilitates the preparation and submission of request for Administrative Approvals, Technical and Financial Sanctions. It also manages the First salary processing.

Accounting & Reconciliation

Facilitates auto reconciliation of receipts and payments at Treasuries and Banks.

RIDF Loan Processing

End to end loan management system that maintains information pertaining to Rural Infrastructure development funds provided by NABARD.

Debt Management

Facilitates the monitoring of details of the Loans and Guarantees of the State Government.

Employee & Payroll

Effectively manages employee information and facilitates the recording of monthly payslips, allowances, and deductions.

Bill Creation

Facilitates in processing of expenditure claims of the Departments including bill preparation and submission.

Expenditure Processing & Reporting

Facilitates the processing of the various bills generated for payment processing.

Receipt Management

Comprehensive receipts collection portal for taxpayers, citizens and DDOs, to create challans and deposit receipts to the consolidated fund of the State, and to various deposit accounts. Supports both online and manual payments processing.

Cash Planning & Management

Facilitates creation, verification, and submission of the periodic cash flow forecasts.

Reports Generation

Facilitates the generation of various types of reports and analytical statements.

Asset Registry

Facilitates the creation of an asset register with asset details for categories like Buildings, Computers, Vehicles etc.


Facilitates defining of categories of audit objections and audit paras for all transactions recorded in system.

Stock Management

Facilitates in management of stamps including stock recording, distribution and sales, and management of other valuables stored in Treasury Strong Rooms.

Help Desk Management

To manage the end user queries related to various modules available in FinAssam.